Digital Marketing

An online presence is much bigger than a website! With intelligent PPC advertising, retargeting, and social media strategy Industry Five will help your business get the most out of its marketing budget.

Industry Five Services

Digital Marketing

Getting started

Market Research

In order to effectively market anything, it is imperative to understand your target audience. No matter the campaign, Industry Five will always perform a digital deep dive into your target audience to understand their

  • wants and needs
  • values
  • pain points
  • pricing expectations


Once we understand your target audience, we can craft a winning digital marketing strategy for you.

Selecting Traffic sources

Paid search, socials or all of the above?

Depending on your marketing budget, goals, and where your target audience lives online Industry Five will suggest where to run your campaigns. We specialize in:

  • Facebook / Instagram
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok for Business
  • Cold Email


We are constantly observing trends in consumer behavior. Whether it’s to bring in new leads, generate traffic, or build brand awareness Industry Five has got you covered!

Ads that perform

Professional Copywriting & Design

Build your own ads or have Industry Five build them for you! 

A digital ad has one purpose: to engage the viewer. Industry Five leverages experience, data, and psychology to frame your offering in just the right light for your target audience.

When great branding, design, and copy come together – high conversion rates are sure to follow. 

Continuous improvement

Data driven decision making

The proof is in the data. Industry Five knows that numbers tell the unbiased full story, and spends a lot of time delving into campaign analytics. 

We actively manage your campaign, tracking key benchmarks such as click through rate, conversion rate, etc. to ensure things are running smoothly.

Throughout a campaign, we will do multiple rounds of A/B testing on ad design & copy, doubling down on what works and testing for improvements. 

Prospect lifecycle

Retargeting, list-building, and so much more!

An effective digital marketing campaign is about more than sending the user to your website – it’s about making them a customer for life!

Industry Five can help you craft landing pages in addition to your digital ads, which will allow you to 

  • retarget users that have shown interest
  • build up email lists
  • test out different offers
  • follow social media


Once a user has clicked on an ad, you’ve already paid for that traffic. Don’t let them slip away just because they weren’t ready to buy right then!

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