Six Real Estate Website Must-Haves

Whether your client just got hitched and it’s time to build a family, or they’re ready to buy that condo in Florida after 40 years on the job, buying a new home is a monumental step in anyone’s life. When future homeowners are searching for their new humble abode, it’s not a one-stop-shop like the rest of online shopping. It requires effort, time, and patience on both ends. Your real estate website should reflect these needs and look different from other e-commerce websites. So, let’s get down to business with six must-haves for every real estate website.

About us

This might seem obvious, but it is vital to your success. Most “about us” pages discuss a brand’s story, and, as the name suggests, it talks a lot about you. The key to a fruitful “about us” section for real estate is to flip the narrative to prospective buyers. Highlight what you can offer them. Showcase your market knowledge, discuss your speedy closing times, or impress them with your price negotiation experience.

Though you aren’t talking directly about yourself, carefully choose experiences that show your personality. Most clients will end up spending a lot of time with their real estate agent and company; it’s important that they get a feel for who you are, so they can pick the best fit for their next big step in life.

Call to Action 

What’s the main purpose of having a website for a real estate company? It’s a toughie– I bet you’ll never guess. To get more business. Oh, was it that easy? To lock in business, a persuasive, yet subtle call to action is key. 

Try something like “Click here for more information” or “Contact us so we can match you to your dream home.” It can even be as simple as signing up for an email list, which we will discuss further later. 

A simple, succinct call to action is critical for boosting business. Make these buttons loud and proud without overwhelming potential clients.

Contact Information

Paired with your call to action should be easily accessible contact information. Your website might look great, but if they can’t quickly find out how to reach you, say goodbye to your site’s visitors. Keep the basic information at the bottom of every page, and ensure that it has its own page with more details, as well. 

Additionally, get to know your visitors! Ask for their information through a simple contact form. Don’t overwhelm them with questions, just get enough to reach out further. This could come as an email list, which is on deck.

Email List

An email list is the easiest way to market your company. They are 40x more effective than Facebook and other social media ads. Offer special advice or detailed neighborhood information if they sign up. For most, buying a home is a lengthy process of collecting and synthesizing as much information as possible. Enticing potential buyers with more specifics about their relocation is the perfect way to boost your clientele.

Customer Testimonials 

This might be the most important step in garnering new clients. 92% of people read customer testimonials before buying. Encourage your new, happy homeowners to write about their experience. It’s even more effective if they can offer a video testimonial and maybe a short clip of their home. Not only does this establish trust but it also lends credibility to your company, proving that it can create a seamless and satisfying homebuying experience.

High-Quality Media 

No one wants to read pages and pages of text, but they also need details. Make it more digestible by interspersing text with high-quality images. But, you don’t have to limit yourself merely to a few photos. Consider videos of featured homes, your best realtors, or previous clients. Infographics are never a bad idea, either. Regardless, your website should be informative and interactive. This ensures that each visitor will have a unique experience, tailored to their home buying needs.

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