Five Social Media Post Ideas for Small Businesses

The dedication required to seed a fruitful social media presence can be extremely overwhelming as a small business.  However, the benefits of utilizing social media to promote your brand and attract new customers make this commitment worth your time and energy. To aid you in this process, we’ve outlined five different post ideas below that can easily be tailored to fit your business. 

1. Run a Contest or Giveaway

This may seem counterintuitive when you are running a business as your goal, most likely, is to be generating revenue. However, you don’t need to be giving away thousands of dollars in prizes, even something as simple as a $25 gift card can be extremely useful in promoting your page. A study conducted by Tailwind shows that an Instagram contest/giveaway can grow your followers by 70% in just three months. Additionally, posts pertaining to contests/giveaways receive 3.5 times as many likes and 64 times more comments than regular posts. Thus, if you run a contest on your account with a $25 gift card grand prize, you are virtually guaranteed to gain followers and potential customers who are likely going to make up for the cost of the giveaway. According to Tailwind, the best platform to run a giveaway is Instagram, just be sure to abide by their Promotion Guidelines. 

2. Feature New Products

This is perhaps one of the most versatile posts as it can be recreated time and time again. If your business is offering a new service or has created a unique product, use your social media to promote it! To make these types of posts most successful prelude them with sneak peeks of your new offering. These should come in the weeks leading up to the launch of the new product/service and offer just a glance at what is coming next to keep your followers on the lookout for something more. When the time comes for the grand reveal, really make this post stand out, consider using vibrant colors or a short video clip of the offering. According to a study by Cisco, over 82% of web traffic is video content, which could help promote your product without any extra effort if you choose this type of post. These short clips work best on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Instagram and Facebook Stories.  

3. Promote Your Blog and Other Articles Relevant to Your Industry 

One of the best ways to promote your blog is to post it on your Instagram Story. If you are a business with more than 10,000 followers, you can use the “swipe-up” link on your stories that takes you directly to your blog post. Don’t fret if this isn’t the case; you can still promote your blog on your Instagram Story and simply put the link to your bio— just be sure to tell your followers where to find it. Additionally, you can find a captivating quote from the blog and artfully post it on any of your social media platforms and attach the link in your caption. If your business doesn’t have a blog, you can post other people’s blogs or articles that your followers would find interesting. Keeping your viewers engaged is crucial. You don’t always have to be posting about your own business, but make sure that what you post is aligned with your followers’ interests.

4. Behind the Scenes 

Show your customers the love that is put into creating their products! Share a quick clip of office life or of employees collaborating on a new design concept or simply a photo of an employee and a little information about them as a person. Humanizing your brand allows your customers to trust you as a company more. If your followers trust your business, they are more likely to purchase your product/service and recommend it to people they know. In a study by One Spot, 92% of consumers say that they are more likely to purchase a product when they understand the story behind it. Use your social media platforms to connect with your customers by giving your product a voice to tell its narrative. This could easily be done on any platform but works best as an Instagram Story or a tweet. 

5. User-Generated Content

This may be one of the most effortless posts because you don’t have to come up with it yourself. Encourage your followers to tag you when they interact with your product, whether that be unboxing it, using it for the first time, or showing how it impacts their everyday life. When they tag you, you can share their post to your page. Not only does this market your product to their followers, but it also incentivizes people to post about your offering in hopes of being reposted on your account. Consumers value being valued, and one of the best ways to let them know you genuinely care about their input is to feature them on your social media page. This type of post works on all platforms. However, if you want to post about multiple people at a time, an Instagram or Facebook Story will be the most effective option.

Though running social media can be a tedious task, it’s a vital marketing tool in the digital age. These five post ideas can help you jumpstart your social media brand and convert casual viewers into loyal customers. 

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